Why do I say “wicked awesome?” Partly because I’m from Massachusetts and I sometimes have the habit of sticking the adverb, “wicked” in front of adjectives, but mostly, I strive to create work that’s wicked awesome.
I started to create artwork at a very young age. I was the type of kid that would make his own drawings on the inside covers of coloring books. Then, I got busy with water colors, pencils, clay, and markers. I even went to press checks with my dad (he was a creative director). Eventually, I attended Montserrat College of Art and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design with honors.
Today, I’m an artist and graphic designer.
My paintings are constructed with wood discs that combine abstraction and pointillism to create a multi-dimensional effect. The concept focuses on creating planes of space within two dimensional artwork while simplifying the imagery to geometric shapes. For a lack of a better term, I refer to this visual concept as “space-ism.” My approach to the paintings have crossed over to my illustration work.
Whether its designing for brands or slinging paint in the garage, I just want to make wicked awesome art.
Creative Action Network  creativeaction.network  2015 - 2018
Virion Screen Project  "Escape From S4" animation  Australia  2014
Virion Screen Project  "Personal Disclosure" animation  Australia  2012
Virion Screen Project  "Icon Series"  Australia  2010
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